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Robert Mooney and Associates - Additional Services
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Additional Services

We perform Ultrasonic Testing (Audio Gauging) on Steel; Aluminum, and some GRP vessels. We also can test Pipe, Pressure Vessels, Tankage and other components subjected to Corrosion, Erosion, and Pitting.

We make use of Moisture Meters to Check Hull Osmosis, and for Voids, Leaks, Saturated GRP, Wood Rot, and other signs of water problems and damage on Wood and Fiberglass Boats..

We use a Corrosion Test Meter to check for effectiveness of Sacrificial Anodes, for Dissimilar Metals, Galvanic currents from Dockside or nearby Boats, and Protective Bonding of entire Boat. We perform Galvanic Surveys.

Robert Mooney & Associates are not Engine Surveyors, but We will run an Oil Analysis through a Certified Testing Lab if requested. ( SOP on Pre-Purchase Surveys)

We have a listing of Certified & Qualified Engine Companies that perform Surveys upon request. (recommended on most Pre-Purchase Surveys.)

We provide accident reconstruction and investigative services.
We provide expert witness testimony in both State and Federal Court.

We have an Intrinsically Safe Audio Gauge, good for testing dangerous areas. We do explosive gas and oil tanks, storage tanks, Oil and gas ships, etc. 

We are affiliated with WEST ATLANTIC MARINE, in the Bahamas and Caribbean . We are Flag State Inspectors for Bahamas Maritime Authority. We are Lloyds Agents for the Bahamas .

We do all marine services from inspection of Ships, Barges, Dry Dock and Bottom inspections, to P & I and all Insurance work.

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